Celebrity Cricket League Live on Youtube – CCL Live Streaming on Youtube

Celebrity Cricket League Live on Youtube

Youtube CCL Live Streaming : Celebrity Cricket League Live Streaming

Youtube Live Streaming CCL 2013 – Watch CCL Cricket Live Match: CCL Scheudle

CCL Latest Match Result & Highlights

Telugu vs Chennai Semi Final Highlights CCL, 2013
Mumbai Heroes vs Karnataka Semi-Final Highlights CCL, 2013
Bengal Tigers vs Telugu Warriors Highlights, , 2013
Karnataka Bulldozers vs Chennai Rhinos Highlights, 2013
Telugu Warriors vs Kerala Strikers Highlights, 2013

Celebrity Cricket League Team 2013
Telugu Warriors
Karnataka Bulldozers
Kerala Strikers
Mumbai Heroes
Chennai Rhinos
Bengal Tigers

Celebrity Cricket League Schedule 2013
Celebrity Cricket League 2013 Points Table

About Celebrity Cricket League (CCL)

Official Channel of CCL 2013 – A country of immense diversity and tastes, India’s fabric of unity is exemplified by the way its people watch cricket and movies across the barriers of language, culture and regions. CCL will bring together the film industries on a single biggest platform: Cricket. This is where the regional stars will reach out to national audience and the nationally renowned stars connect more strongly with their regional audience.

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